Eva Albia Aliaga was born in Xàtiva, a close city near Valencia (Spain). Since she was 6 year’s old, she developed a good affinity to the music in the music school “Primitiva Setabense”, Xàtiva (Spain). Eva has been combining the Primary and Secundary studies with the music knowledge.

She finished the intermediate-level studies of music, speciality oboe, getting good results and obtaining the prize of Professional musician in the Professional Conservatory of Music, Ontinyent (Valencia).

In 2013, she started her Bachelor music studies in the Conservatory of music “Salvador Seguí”, Castellón de la Plana. During the 3rd year of the career, 2015/16, she moved to Amsterdam where she was admitted to do the Erasmus Programme. In 2018, she obtained the Music Bachelor diploma in the Conservatory of Castellon.

She also has been learning by being part of Master classes by well-known oboist players from different countries: Hansjörg Schellenberger, Robert Silla,  Eduardo Martínez, Ivan Podyomov and Lucas Macias Navarro.

Actually, Eva is doing the third year of Bachelor studies in “Conservatorium Van Amsterdam” (The Netherlands), with Ernest Rombout and Miriam Pastor Burgos.